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Watching Jeepers Creepers on cable in preparation for the sequel, I decided I had underrated it somewhat the first time around.Or maybe it's just easier to take when you're not locked in a dark theater with its obnoxious protagonists.Both the good and bad die young, and a lot of interpersonal conflicts that are set up are resolved only by someone being carried off to be eaten.

The students leave the bus, where they are again attacked and chased into a field, where the Creeper kills Jake and takes Scotty.

Minxie has another vision in which Darry explains that every twenty-third spring, for twenty-three days, the creature emerges from hibernation and hunts victims for specific body parts which it then consumes in order to replace those of its own, which she relays to the others.

After hearing numerous police reports, the Taggarts go hunting for the Creeper and make radio contact with the school bus.

Jeepers Creepers 2 has a bigger budget, which means a bigger cast, longer running time and more (sometimes better) effects.

That's not necessarily all to the good, as money is no substitute for imagination in filmmaking, and a lack of money sometimes stimulates the imagination.


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