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Boyzone star, Keith Duffy today announced that he is stepping down as patron of Irish Autism Action to concentrate on his family and career.

Keith has been actively fundraising and building awareness of children with autism for over ten years and in that time he has helped Irish Autism Action raise over €8,000,000 which contributed significantly to the creation and development of services for children with autism and their families.

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The father and son are famously close and can regularly be seen hanging out, training at the gym and having Boyz night beers.

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Finally, Keith has launched a partnership between Early Childhood Ireland and IAA which over a 3 year period will help create autism friendly pre-school settings.

CEO of Irish Autism Action Kevin Whelan commented on the announcement saying; “There has been a considerable amount of advantages to having Keith on board with Irish Autism Action but it is impossible to sum up the extent of his work in such little words.


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