Lost thumbnails when updating windows defender

SUBSCRIBE to see the latest articles on Windows, PC maintenance, security, and other important computing topics.With a paid subscription, you’ll also receive the twice-weekly Windows Secrets newsletter and be eligible for bonus ebooks and offers.To work around this, it was necessary that your default display resolution be the recommended setting for your system.You can now return your display configuration to your preferred settings.While Windows 10 as a whole shows Microsoft listening to feedback, parts of it show the same old Microsoft that dug its feet in and announced products like the original Xbox One and Windows 8 without appearing to care about many users.By default, Windows 10 automatically uploads Windows updates and apps from the Windows Store to other PCs over the Internet.This is a great feature when restricted to the local network, but Microsoft opts everyone into the Internet part of it by default, using your upload bandwidth for something that doesn’t help you.Worse yet, there’s no indication this is happening unless you read about it online, find your Internet connection slow, or get contacted by your Internet service provider because you’re using up your limited upload bandwidth.

We fixed an issue where in recent flights, some Direct3D 9 games might periodically fail to launch.With the just-released Creators Update, Microsoft builds on that lead.The update isn't a drastic overhaul; rather it improves the system's media and gaming capabilities. Microsoft paid a lot of attention to the feedback they ignored while developing Windows 8, and it shows.Unfortunately, some parts of Windows 10 are inexplicably bad and hostile to users.Last summer's Anniversary Update added digital ink support, lock-screen Cortana and music controls, better security, and improvements to the interface and Edge web browser.


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