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STI is the biggest sex fear for men, while for women the biggest concern is that their partner won't want to wear a condom.

The male and female participants had some fears overlap and others that didn't.

Will they still be attracted to me once they see me completely naked? site Superdrug Onlinedoctor wants to help people with certain sex worries they might have; in fact, their website says they "take the hassle out of visiting your doctor for common issues or embarrassing moments." Some of the services and treatments they offer include erectile dysfunction treatments, contraceptive pills, Chlamydia treatments, the morning after pill, STI treatments and test kits, and hair loss treatments, so it's not surprising that they would conduct studies about the issues that concern their customers the most.

Is it safe to be intimate with them or will they agree on wearing a condom? They recently conducted a study where they surveyed 2,000 participants and asked them questions that related to their sexual fears.

It felt too soon and too not serious to share this kind of information. Rather than confuse things with the old hokey pokey (is she in? ‘It’s not that I want to keep it a secret, but it feels incredibly personal, and it’s not the kind of thing that feels like it needs to be said on the first date.

I’m always worried about giving someone the power to react to it.

But women aren't the only ones who have fears and worries when it comes to sex. 1,212 participants were identified as male and 916 participants identified as female.

The participants were from the United States (1,009) and Europe (1,072).

Pros: You won't be single Cons: You'll be dating me Discuss.

For example, the second largest sex fear for men is that their partner won't have an orgasm/won't be satisfied and that fear is way down the chart at number 8 for women.

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