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dubbed it a “ratings trainwreck," and it was canceled after five episodes.Fox’s newest reality dating show, “Coupled,” is the latest in a long line of disappointing duds trying to put a new spin on ABC’s ridiculously successful formula for “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” The new show features 12 women on an island who are introduced to new suitors one at a time.

The extreme highs and lows of his personal journey have shaped Thomas’ Zen approach to life, and now he’s ready to take another leap of faith in order to find the perfect girl to share it with. Occupation: Inventor Quirky, clever and funny, Chris is definitely one-of-a-kind.The contestants first had numbers on their heads before switching to different colors of masks, but either way they were unsettling.Plus, the men weren’t allowed to talk about things like their jobs or any outside factors that would help the pair build a rapport around because they might’ve biased Arp. The men searching for love include a deckhand from Vancouver, a cowboy from Calgary, a bartender from Edmonton, a maître d’ from Montreal, and a firefighter from Waterloo.READ MORE: Meet Jasmine Lorimer, Canada’s first-ever Bachelorette W Network will release more images of the Bachelors as the premiere date grows closer.After meeting him, they can walk left or right, imitating the dating app Tinder, then the man narrows the field of interested ladies to one.


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