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President Rodrigo Duterte said during the 120th founding anniversary celebration of Philippine Army, April 4, that P6.5 billion was allocated in the national budget for army projects in the Armed Force of the Philippines (AFP) Modernization Plan.“In line with the government’s modernization program on the Armed Forces of the Philippines, we have been providing telecommunication apparatus and fire power and infantry fighting vehicles to the Army,” Duterte said.

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For example, it makes sense to set the low watermark to 10gb and the high watermark to 5gb, but not the other way around., which means that Elasticsearch will take into account shards that are currently being relocated to the target node when computing a node’s disk usage.

If you manage your own web server or hosting account, you will have this information as a result of creating the database and user.

Important: Never use a word processor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs for editing Word Press files! The values here are examples to show you what to do.

It can also be set to an absolute byte value (similar to the low watermark) to relocate shards once less than the configured amount of space is available on the node.

Percentage values refer to used disk space, while byte values refer to free disk space.


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