Dating culture middle east

"This younger generation has broken quite a bit of the barriers." In the last five years, Damascus has seen a proliferation of nightclubs that are still hopping until the early hours of the morning.To be sure, the core cultural concerns about dating and sex remain.“ He and Nimer met at a tech mixer, and agreed that marriage websites were an untapped market in the Arab world.“There is a cultural constraint between genders [in the region],” Maalouf says. And at the same time, there is a lot of social pressure for young people to get married at a certain age: You are 30? You should find a wife.” Conceived as something similar to Ok Cupid or e Harmony, the cofounders say et3arraf uniquely preserves “the cultural constraint” for conservative Arabs, while giving users the chance to interact and meet more like-minded matches.

“I realized that there was nothing like this for Lebanon or the region.

That is when you are officially a couple…and engaged.

Like every culture, the Arab culture is aware that as long as society continues to evolve and modernise, then so will it.

But, will it looks the same as ours does here in America?

One of these sites, called et3arraf, claims to have been the first Middle Eastern dating platform. It was interesting to me that much like how there are many different sites for finding partners of specific groups here in America (,,, the same has been apparent in the Middle East.


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