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Patent Models from the Hagley Museum and Library” is an exhibition of American patent models that showcases remarkable stories of innovation and chronicles the development of the U. patent and intellectual property system in the 1800s.

Hagley, Tsinghua University, and CAST will present “Spirit of Invention” at four venues in China in 2018: Tsinghua University Art Museum, Beijing Shanghai Science and Technology Museum ​Wuhan Science and Technology Museum Shenzhen Art Museum “Spirit of Invention” will be comprised of sixty U. These featured displays of American patent models will be accompanied by interactive displays utilizing cutting edge technologies created by Chinese innovators. Cheng Li, The Brookings Institution Governor John Carney of Delaware Henry B du Pont IV, president of Hagley’s Board of Trustees Rose Nan-Ping Chen, founder and president, The Rose Group for Cross-Cultural Understanding. Mike Ma, Co-Founder, View Mobile International Broadcasting Group The exhibition organizers invite individuals, corporations, foundations, and institutions interested in fostering an appreciation for intellectual property rights, innovation history, and commercial ties between China and the United States to consider supporting this exciting cultural venture.

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Together, these artifacts will generate a rich visual discourse focused on the history of innovation and the role of intellectual property systems in catalyzing creativity and economic growth in the United States and China. For more information about the exhibition, contact: Andrew Engel Hagley Strategic Initiatives [email protected](302) 658-2400, ext.

Hagley, Tsinghua and CAST will complement this presentation of patent models with opening receptions, academic symposia, and promotional campaigns connected to each exhibition venue.

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Exhibition Summary: The Hagley Museum and Library of Wilmington, Delaware, in partnership with Tsinghua University in Beijing and the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), will mount a path-breaking exhibition in China in 2018. This display of patent models will engage a projected audience of several hundred thousand visitors with historical examples of American innovation, as well as encourage Chinese visitors to pursue innovative and entrepreneurial projects in their own lives. The models will represent a broad spectrum of industries, consumer interests, and inventors.

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