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If someone throws shit at us, we throw shit back at them. We throw so much shit back at them that they can't pick up shit, they can't throw shit, they can't do shit. No, well, I know, he- He's got an interview now with that Angela Heaney, you know, that twat bubble from the Standard... Malcolm: (To Ollie, talking about Angela Heaney) I'll just have to kill the both of you then, won't I?! Why the fuck did you not tell me about it YOU STUPID CUNT! " They should just clone ministers, you know, so that we're born at 55 with no past, no flats and no genitals. And every time I hear something that I don't like, which will be every time that something comes on, I will skip to the next track (to Swain) by crushing YOUR balls! Malcolm: If you do think about running with this pill story, I'll personally fucking eviscerate you, right? Jamie: (impersonating Julius) Oh, oh, oh, oh, "the actual charge"?

‘Kick-boxing Davidson floored her opponents effortlessly,’ one political pundit wrote after the debate; another that, ‘She was sparky, punchy, funny and suitably, given her name, ruthless.

The books have illustrations and explanations of how to make the sign plus the facial and body expressions.

The Thick of It is a British sitcom, satirising the inner workings of modern government, that finished its fourth (and final) series in October 2012.

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If you want me to sell the apples, I'll sell the apples, and if you want me to sell oranges, then I'll go and tell people that the apples?

Jamie: What we're having here is a secret conversation, and I'm hoping that this time, you can keep the fucking secret, because normally you're about as secure as a hymen in a South London comprehensive.

It stars Peter Capaldi as spin doctor Malcolm Tucker.

Because , you know, if she did that, she'd be dead. And she'll never get another story, or even a fucking whiff of a story as long as she kept her sorry, hack bitch face lingering around Westminster, because I would call every editor I know - which, obviously, that's all of them - and I'd tell them to gouge her name out of their address books so she'd never even get a job on hospital radio where the sad sack belongs.


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