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The teeth are cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler, a tool that vibrates at a high speed, to remove large pieces of plaque and tartar.

A hand scaler is used to clean under the gumline of every tooth and on all sides of the tooth.

Any your pet will jump and yelp, and then you will feel so bad that you will abandon the thought of ever attempting to cut the nails "ever again!

Many times, oral radiographs are taken to evaluate the bone around the teeth.And with a proactive veterinarian as partner, even the most inexperienced owner is given the choice to have their pet diagnosed early.For me it starts at the first puppy visit…and continues at each successive physical examination.The groomer must be able to comb through every inch of the coat. LION CUT (FELINE): This style is when the entire body is shaved short, the head (mane), boots and small amount at end of tail are left.BILLY is modelling this look and appears quite pleased with the results!Our pet grooming service is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday by appointment only.


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