Porn star no credit dating a sports nut

First, the former baseball megastar went more or less bankrupt.

And now, a stripper/porn star is saying Dykstra bounced a 00 check he wrote to her.

“I was 19 when the whole thing happened,” Paulson says.

"Monica F" now has a blog where she's spilling the beans on her meeting with the former baseball star and failed entrepreneur (and quoting BI in the process - thanks to CJ Johnson for letting us know!

) Monica Foster says no illegal or sexual activity occurred during her time with Dykstra and that she was hired strictly as "his companion to have drinks and conversation with" one morning at the Avalon Hotel in L. Sidenote: After the check bounced, Foster decided to research ol' Lenny and found all of our stories.

“I was decidedly self-interested, wanting to be an actress, and I was not focused on the case in the way that some people were and certainly not on changing my opinion or whatever the narrative about Marcia Clark was.

I was letting myself believe what was being told to me by the media. So now when I look back at it, I just wonder why people weren’t rallying around her and why she didn’t have a support system from other women saying, ‘Why are we talking about how short her skirt is and her bad hair? I put the extensions in, I blonded it up.” Paulson then related a story Clark had told her: “Some of the court reporters would run after her with some concealer and say, ‘Just please put a little on.’ And she was like, ‘I do not care about that. NOW: Found liable in a 1997 civil suit for .5 million in damages to the Brown and Goldman families, Simpson moved to Florida, reportedly to avoid having his residence seized for payment.


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