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On one occasion, Trejo “heard a fellow officer make a remark about a group of ‘Saints’ in the Rocky Mountains who were led there by a prophet of God.” For reasons perhaps not fully understood at the time, he became “filled with an urgent desire to see these people.” His desire to go to the Rocky Mountains was renewed, however, when he came down with a severe illness.He sought a confirmation from the Lord about what he should do, and then it happened—in answer to his prayer, Meliton had a dream, “a dream which satisfied him completely and which he always considered exceedingly sacred.” Prompted by this experience, he settled his affairs in the Philippines and set out to a place and culture largely foreign to him, arriving in San Francisco on July 4, 1874, and in Salt Lake City shortly thereafter.Although Neville was not licensed to keep an ordinary until 1759, the location of his house at the juncture of the Carolina Road and a branch of the Dumfries Road made it a convenient stopping place for travelers.As early as 1743, Neville had acquired a tract of 181 acres in Prince William and had also made extensive purchases of land in Frederick County.

His path, though, led him to a life quite different than perhaps he or his family might have expected.Many criteria and thus many dates have been proposed.Some place it at the beginning of the Neolithic Revolution when agriculture was invented and the human population exploded.It argues that the combination of traditional cultural-astronomical beliefs, such as the notion of the soul's journey to the stars, with Greek and Mesopotamian concepts, led to the codification of divinatory and theological models of the cosmos into two forms. These were, firstly, the horoscope, which should be seen as a technology for analysing the soul's fate through the disposition of the stars and planets and, secondly, the literature of the Corpus Hermeticum, which may be considered as a technology for salvation from fate, enabling the soul to return to the stars. Though Trejo apparently never shared the details of his dream with anyone but President Brigham Young, its impact upon him was definite, and the timing of his arrival in Utah was truly remarkable.


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