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From March 1999 onward, Tiscali offered Tiscali Free Net, a subscription-free Internet service where customers only had to pay for the time they were online.This pushed other Italian providers to repeal their fixed subscription fees, thus contributing to making the Internet accessible to the masses in Italy.Pros While there are some people that have been working there for too long, settling for a comfortable and unchallenging role, the company has some excellent people, not only engineers The context is really nice, sorrounded by trees, grass and a pond.Lunch is not bad and it's paid by the company.

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Each of Tiscali's regional companies offer many services, which may include broadband internet access and telephone services.

The Supramonte massif is made up of limestone rocks dating from 160 - 180 million years ago (Jurassic).

Mans presence in Tiscali has to be compared with that in the Lanaittu valley below.

These people would have had to gather and conserve their water every day as it slowly seeped from the walls of the dolina, and they did so by building little cisterns to keep it for when it was really needed - in the summer. The first group is in the north near the entrance and includes about 40 huts, some of which are circular, but most of them are rectangular-square.

The walls were built with just one uneven row of stones held together with a lime and mud mortar.


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