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Officially, Maxa -- known to 5 million public radio listeners as "The Savvy Traveler" and to tens of millions of public TV viewers as host of "Smart Travels -- Europe With Rudy Maxa" -- is renting an apartment on Ford Parkway in St. But mostly he's storing his 600 bottles of wine there.

He owns a home in Bangkok, but has never lived there.

Gary A: While two-bay covered hoppers were in service in the early 50s, grain was still moving in 40' boxcars at that time.

I believe CNW's first covered hoppers for grain were 3-bay PS-2s in 1958, and those were used in malt or barley service. Significant numbers of covered hoppers in general grain service came in the 1960's.

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Ron A: The trackage north of Cleveland WI was part of the trackage sold by the C&NW (without trackage rights) to Itel Corp in 1988 which then formed the Fox River Valley Railroad (FRVR)."He says it's nothing to move here to be with me," said his fiancée, Ana Scofield, 38, of White Bear Lake, "but I view it as a huge sacrifice." The week before moving, Maxa had been drinking cobra bile with a snake salesman in Hong Kong and basking in Thailand's 96 degrees.Now he was up to his keister in snow, a neatness freak surrounded by boxes begging to be unpacked.Check the schedule of Date & Dash events for details.Costs vary depending on level of membership: for Free Members, for Mingler Members, and for Premium Members. Dress as you would for a first date at a nice place. Singles, RSVP for this or one of the future events for your suggested age range and have a blast meeting other singles looking to mingle. Just low-to-no pressure conversations and lots of possibilities.


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