Slave zones not updating dynamically

Masters are determined by the masters field in the domains table.

The default behaviour is enabled (yes), which means that it will try to forward.

Controls the behavior of an authoritative server when answering queries that have additional data, or when following CNAME and DNAME chains.

When this option is set to yes, and when a query is being answered from authoritative data, the additional data section of the reply is filled in with data from other authoritative zones.

The option can be left empty to disallow everything, this then should be used in combination with the allow-dnsupdate-from domainmetadata setting per zone.

server: listen: [email protected] listen: ::@53 zone: - domain: storage: /var/lib/knot/zones/ file: zone log: - target: syslog any: info template: - id: default storage: /var/lib/knot/master semantic-checks: on - id: signed storage: /var/lib/knot/signed dnssec-signing: on semantic-checks: on master: [master1, master2] - id: slave storage: /var/lib/knot/slave zone: - domain: example1# Uses default template - domain: example2# Uses default template semantic-checks: off # Override default settings - domain: template: signed master: master3 # Override masters to just master3 - domain: example1template: slave master: master1 - domain: example2template: slave master: master2 how to generate a TSIG key).We no longer have a trusted Internet in which we can trust insecure services - there are malicious attackers that will do their very best to make users go to spoofed banking sites, to swamp everyone with spam, and generally wreak havoc.This article is the first of two in which I will be looking at the use of cryptographic methods to secure DNS.These are fake servers; the DNS server does not answer queries from or forward queries to these servers.Introduction Secure Dynamic Updates TSIG-secured zone transfers DHCP Dynamic Updates Conclusion References Of all of the many network protocols we use in computer networking, DNS is one of the most fundamental and important.A setting to enable/disable DNS update support completely.


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