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Mark’s father, Donald Edward Wahlberg, was of half Swedish and half Irish ancestry.Mark’s mother, Alma Elaine (Donnelly), is of 11/16ths Irish, one eighth French-Canadian, one eighth English, and 1/16th Scottish, ancestry., is this just how famous families communicate with each other in 2014?As TMZ initially reported, the Wahlbergs aren’t huge fans of Jenny; the outlet also claims that Mark’s wife, Rhea Durham, is annoyed with Jenny over a recent interview with Howard Stern in which she talks about her relationship with Mark and her sex life with Donnie.It does no disservice to the cast of “Patriots Day” to note that the film’s most undeniably powerful moments come at the end, when we see footage of the real-life victims who were injured and killed in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. On the heels of “Deepwater Horizon” (which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival just two months ago) and “Lone Survivor,” Berg tells another tale in which who people are and what they feel is somewhat secondary to how they participate in the action; Berg is more concerned with his characters are, what they do and when they do it.Would this movie have been more powerful as a documentary? All three films have starred Mark Wahlberg, and while he’s playing different characters in each, his on-screen persona in these movies is basically good-guy-who’s-good-at-his-job, whatever that job happens to be. Tommy Saunders, a role that gives him plenty of “where” (he’s present both at the marathon finish line, where the bombs go off, and at the backyard boat in nearby Watertown where the second suspect was apprehended) and lots of physical action, with a monologue or two thrown in to give him a little heft.

There’s Tommy’s wife (played by Michelle Monaghan) and his boss (John Goodman) and the bombers themselves (Themo Melikidze and Alex Wolff) and a married couple (Rachel Brosnahan and Christopher O’Shea), all of whom will be directly involved with the explosion and its tragic aftermath. And even if the number of characters keeps us from getting much depth from anyone, the film finds time for some effective moments, whether it’s Kevin Bacon’s FBI agent trying to run an efficient investigation despite public clamoring for a suspect or Khandi Alexander as a brilliantly cool interrogator of the equally unflappable wife (Melissa Benoist, “Supergirl”) of one of the bombers.

He also has three half-siblings from his father's first marriage: Donna, Scott, and Buddy.

Some celebrities are known as much for their bodies as for their bodies of work—sometimes even more so.

But what of the charming MIT security guard (Jake Picking, “Goat”) or the small-town cop (J. It’s impossible to divorce “Patriots Day” from the context of its times, and this is yet another American movie that avoids nuance or complexity when discussing the police and privacy.

It’s possible to acknowledge that domestic surveillance can play a positive role in solving crimes while also being concerned about government infringement upon our personal lives.


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