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Be sure to visit the Ghost Spotter Central page for information about where the Grey Lady ghost might be and view screenshots that website visitors have captured of possible ghosts.The Gettysburg Battlefield Earthcam is operated by the National Park Service and the Gettysburg Foundation.Its Victorian Gothic architecture is the perfect setting for a haunting. All three are displayed on the same page and refresh every 20 seconds.If you spot a ghost or unusual activity, simply click on the appropriate cam screen to capture a screenshot and then submit your photo to the website.

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When Tấm's father's affection for his first daughter diminished soon after (due to the influence of his second wife) and the stepmother began to abuse Tấm and forced her to do all the housework, while Cám lived in luxury.

Her hatred for Tấm intensified by the fact that Tấm was much more beautiful than her own daughter Cám, even though Tấm was forced to do all the laboring under the sun.

If you see an apparition while viewing the feeds at any of the following sites, be sure to use the screen capture feature found on most sites to get a permanent record of the sighting.

Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana is one of the oldest public libraries in the state, and it's considered haunted.


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