Invalidating the session

Writing a javascript heartbeart in the page which redirects after some timeout?Is this similar to what the enterprise edition's connection management does?As of the release of the Java Servlet API 2.1, Http Session Context has been deprecated.Now, the session object (embodied within an instance of a class implementing the Http Session interface) is retrieved using Http Servlet Request methods: The invalidate() method, invalidates the current session and unbinds any objects that were previously bound to it.Hi, Sorry, we should have a much more clear best practices for this sort of thing.Hi All, I want to invalidate user's session when user log in from different remote location in web kindly is there any alternative way we have many thing like remote ip address, Session Listner, Context Listner etc. The best method to invalidate session or not allowing a user to have more than one session, is to create the context scoped map and store the session id and all the relevant info of user into the map.

Is there any way of redirecting from within ICEfaces?

Thanks in advance, Shalaka Check whether session object is null or not. So as per me one solution to your scenario code be put some value in session object in some page for e.g.

If the session object null means, session is already expired or not yet initiated. After clicking the link that invokes my jsp page, it redirects me to the given url... page1------------ Attribute("something","somevalue"); now in your executing jsp page apply a check on the attribute As per my knowledge in a jsp page session object can never be null, because if you look at the _jsp Service method of servlet(jsp compiled servlet) the following line of code gets executed session = page Session(); means your session object is not null.

What about shared IP connections on separate computers?

Can I log into your application with my desktop computer and my i Pad? my requirement is that i am administrator and multiple users login through remote locations, i want to monitor the users so i want to keep access to show me list of active users and which i have done and also access to invalidate that particular this.session Id is conformed coming from jsp.


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