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Her son had been shot in the head by police in Burundi as he ran to take refuge in an outhouse in the Musaga neighbourhood.

She knows that a pickup truck from the mayor’s office collected her son’s body.

“I was in 4th form in primary school in 1972 when the crisis broke out. People were killed and their riches stolen”, Nzojibwami says.

Athanase Mpawenayo, chief of that area was too young «I was 2 years old, but my father told me what happened in that place.

“I, too, was about to be killed and I fled to Bujumbura the capital.

Caritas Burundi was founded by the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Burundi on and recognised on 20 July 1962.

Some of the residents found in that locality on Wednesday 11 January 2017 say the mass grave dates back to 1972.

Rose Habonimana, a woman who was born and brought up in Gasenyi locality says the mass grave dates from 1972.

Thanks to its presence on the ground dating back more than 50 years, and with its 8 diocesan Caritas and 146 parish Caritas, the organisation has managed to carry out actions that reach the remotest areas of the country.

Matthew Rycroft says ethnically-based violence possible as international body gives its chief Ban Ki-moon two weeks to come up with a peacekeeping plan to halt the simmering conflict in one of the world's poorest countries Denis Sassou N'Guesso, the president of Congo-Brazzaville, has become the latest in a long line of African rulers to change his country’s term limits.

o mark the International Day of the Girl on October 11, this week Telegraph Women is running a series of articles showing the reality of life for women in Tanzanian regufee camps; from girls fighting sexual violence to struggling families who take in strangers’ children. In 2016, the word ‘refugee’ immediately evokes images of Syria.

Many bodies were removed by the security services before they could be identified.

New satelite images and video footage show five possible mass graves in the Buringa area, on the outskirts of Burundi’s capital, Bujumbura.


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