Dating guitar amps

This is followed by the sequential number for that particular model.

The Acoustic series provides amplification for acoustic instruments and includes microphone and play back channels for the all in one amplifier and PA system when needed.Our Vintage series brings back the classic tone of the dirty blues players and singing clean guitar.The X100B, a reissue of our 80s and early 90s flagship amplifier, is the perfect blend of preamp tube tone, solid state equalization, and all tube 100W power amplifier.The Model 2598 (9.50) was a stoptail in red cherry.The Model 2598T (9.50) came outfitted with an original Bigsby vibrato. 5 Artist Line included our old friends, the Titan Mark I and Mark II.This began a long period of name and design shuffling, including the introduction of the hollow-core Titan, in 1963. The center-humped headstock gave way to 4-in-line/6-in-line headstocks with a sort of squared-off Strat styling. The Eldorado guitar and bass were both solidbodies, with Honduran mahogany bodies.


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