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You can find our Buzz Feed UK Style Guide here and our Buzz Feed Australia Style Guide here. (OK to cap in headlines)Amex (for American Express)amendments: First Amendment, 19th Amendment (cap A when referencing specific amendments)amf AR (American Foundation for AIDS Research)amiriteanti-Muslim (preferred to anti-Islam or Islamophobic) anti-vaxxerapeshit the Apple Store Argentine (preferred to Argentinian as adj.

Read More May 23, 2017Enty This Academy Award winning actor has always been a jerk, especially to his fans.

Since her shows went off the air, Erin has had problems with substance abuse and has not really worked any kind of job.

Now, her mother-in-law has kicked Erin out of the trailer and Erin has been forced to try and find places to stay, but has no place to live.

He next portrayed Bobby, a drug-addicted, homeless street urchin in Larry Clark's Another Day in Paradise.

He had two explicit sex scenes with Natasha Gregson, one of which was cut from the film in order to avoid an NC-17 rating.

In Webster's, the first spelling of a word should generally be used (unless it appears in the word list below or is preferred by The Associated Press Stylebook). Please consult the Chicago Manual of Style for issues not covered by AP Stylebook as well as for more detailed information and discussion, where applicable.

Generally, AP Style trumps Merriam-Webster, but any style point mentioned in this guide overrules those publications.

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It is not intended to be a comprehensive manual of grammar and style. )@replies, @mentions (on Twitter) 11th hour (but hyphenate as an adjective, e.g., 11th-hour negotiations)1D (as an abbreviation for One Direction)24/73D4chan (use a lowercase C, and avoid using it to start a sentence when possible)4th of July7-Eleven A-list, B-list (etc., when referring to an A-list celeb)ABCs AC (for air-conditioning)administration (lowercase A in political terms, e.g., It has been something the administration has avoided or the Obama administration)adviser AF (for as fuck)afterpartyagender (adj., describes someone who does not identify with a specific gender)AIDSAirbnbairliftairstrikeaka (unless it starts a sentence, in which case AKA is acceptable — Aka just looks weird)alcoholic drink names are usually lowercase unless derived from a proper noun (exceptions: Bloody Mary, Old-Fashioned)Al Jazeera (not italicized)al-Qaedaall-nightera.m., p.m.She is the Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, the president of the Poitou-Charentes Regional Council, a former member of the National Assembly, and has held other ministerial positions.She is a prominent member of the French Socialist Party.Earlier in the summer, tabloids had plenty of stories about how Erin Moran, the actress who played Joanie on Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi had been forced to move to Indiana after she and her husband lost their California home to foreclosure.The move to Indiana was to a trailer that Erin's mother-in-law owned.Just click on the celebrities of your choice to get their horoscope, excerpts of astrological portrait, natal chart, positions of planets and astrological houses, biography, and photo.


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