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Is it the same thing that goes through your head when a man gets a lengthy sentence in prison and you find out that she’s now sleeping with his best friend?What about the “best friend” who finds himself over at the military wife’s house weekly, then a few months later he’s spending nights?Was he always eying her that way even when her husband was still around?Had he already been sleeping with her and moved in full-time once hubby was out of the way? Vice President Joe Biden joined by his family members walk along the national road named after his late son Joseph R. Vice President Joe Biden (R) talks with his son, U. Army Capt Beau Biden, at Camp Victory on the outskirts of Baghdad July 4, 2009. US and Australian troops plan to step up training so they are 'fully prepared' to answer challenges in the Pacific, Biden said amid rising tensions over Beijing's claims in the South China Sea. troops preparing to mark their Independence Day holiday on Saturday, on the third day of a visit he has used to urge Iraqi politicians to do more to reconcile rival factions. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst) Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden (D-DE) watches his grandson Hunter wave at the crowd after Biden spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado August 27, 2008. Biden is on a two-day official visit to Singapore after India where officials say he will tackle tensions over the disputed South China Sea 'head on.' (MOHD FYROL/AFP/Getty Images) US Vice President Joe Biden (3rd L) and his three grandchildren look at a koala during a visit to Taronga Zoo in Sydney on July 19, 2016.Former Vice President Joe Biden's son is dating the widow of his other son, the late Beau Biden, according to a report.

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So men, answer me this: What goes through your head as a man when your newly dead friend’s ex-wife sends you an invitation to her wedding and the husband is his brother?

And despite the shock that greeted the report in Washington, D.

C., circles, the new couple apparently has the support of Joe and Jill Biden.

All very different situations, different people and different levels of loss and need from the woman’s standpoint but one thing remains constant with these: To the outsider’s eye it looks as if the man took advantage of her.

On the surface the sight of a woman being in love with a guy that was close to the family leads to many questions.


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