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She plays River Song [catchphrase “Hello, Sweetie”], a time-travelling action hero, who first appeared in 2008 when she was described as “sort of the Doctor’s wife”.

“I wasn’t quite sure about accepting when I was asked to do two episodes.

Christmas special titled “The Husbands of River Song.” But it also contains some great insight from River herself, Alex Kingston.

So make sure you’ve watched the episode (go ahead, we’ll wait) and then come back and read what she has to say about Dr.

Mattex fic loosely based around the plot of "Everything, Every thing." Alex is married to her husband, Ralph, and the spark that was between them has long since gone out.

But, when delivery man Matt appears in Alex's life, she might just get a second chance at happiness after all. "What was the most difficult scene you had to do and why? Matt thought for a moment, and then turned to Alex.

But sleep seemed to be off the table for the moment because the second she moved a muscle, there it was again.Another moan pressed into her neck, and this time it sent a shiver down her spine.His hips gave a small but pointed thrust against her arse and his breath against her skin was quick and ragged as, once again, he let slip another needy moan."D'you remember the first thing we shot, on that beach?""Oh yes, I'll never forget it, oh my God." Alex replied. They had been standing in this exact spot, in the exact same position, just 48 hours before, full to the brim with anticipation, when suddenly, their feet were drenched.But – as we saw from the Doctor’s scoffing response – she’s never revealed any other husbands (or wives) before.


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