Carpenito mandatory updating a lifetime commitment

"You go through phases where supply shrinks [and] people extend the ownership cycle."It's that extended ownership cycle that kept consumers out of the market during the down times of 2009.

"You have a five-year-old car that needs repairs, you have a choice to fix it but at 10 years you might make the decision to get rid of it," he said.

"People waited to buy a car until they finally had to.

Sometimes the decision wasn't optional.""There was no place to go but up," said Schaller, citing 2009 car sales nationally of 10.4 million.

Connecticut auto dealers are seeing a healthy rise in new car sales but claim to be vexed by a switch in the enforcement of property tax collections that is hampering their ability to do business."There has to have been some pent up demand from the economic cycle we've been going through," said Arthur Schaller Jr., chairman of the CT Automotive Retailers Association.

While the philosophy behind continuing education is to encourage nurses to become lifelong learners, the learning method chosen for such programmes is often didactic in nature, as opposed to encouraging nurses to take initiative and direct their own learning.

Continuing education is intended to ensure healthcare practitioners' knowledge is current, but it is difficult to determine if those who attend these courses are implementing what they have learnt.

Due to the flexible nature of the Oxygen framework there were several possible attack vectors that needed to be thoroughly examined and tested.

Numerous vulnerabilities were discovered during a routine security audit.


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