"I won't lie, I was on the lookout for a f*ping game when I stumbled upon this VN ^^''. Game should now remember your choices when you load a game! Saving can now only be done when a text box or choices are visible. Try progressing through a couple of routes, loading a couple of save games...But, I found myself, 2 hour and half later, still playing, following the story, thinking thoroughly of each decision I was to make having the sake of the characters like prior thought. This means the Save Game button will be temporarily disabled in the in-game menu otherwise. Veteran Scarface star Steven Bauer is reportedly dating a teenager 39 years his junior.The actor, 57, made his red carpet debut with 18-year-old Lyda Loudon at the Hollywood premiere of Woody Allen’s new film Magic in the Moonlight last week and editors at Us claim they are a couple.


This is a community for those who need someone to fill the gap.

: If it’s your first time with this folk, you are in for a good surprise. He is gone and all you are left with is Jason his alter-ego.

Yeah these folks would make you almost doubt their sanity as they would reveal their other half which is usually a complete opposite of their true nature. These ones should be giving a life ban from alcohol.

I find it formidable how it captivated me as quickly as it did( no expert but I liked the naration and the interactions). If you see this, simply re-open the in-game menu when the scene progresses and you see a text box or a choice option. Fast Forward only activates when there's a text box displayed. Ice Chef's last special scene fixed up - BUG FIX!

The music, which I found really pleasant just to listen even presently, as I write from the title screen, added to the quality of this great game althought, as already said, the moment of prolonged silence made me thinked my speekers were defectious ha ha. Loading time slowed down to prevent crash bug when dealing with animated assets.


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