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Today you'll learn some key words and phrases for speaking Russian in romantic relationships.The lesson is broken up into 3 sections, for different stages in relationships. * Please note, phrases marked with an asterisk (*) are spoken in this lesson from the viewpoint of a man speaking to a woman.

The reason is simple and straight forward, but we often fail to understand these facts of life:• Our conscious mind may think we’re connecting when we text our feelings in words, but our bodies, spirits, and souls know we’re missing vital elements.

Afterward, via email, he confesses his feelings for her. One obvious aspect of email relationships is that they traffic even more in projection than regular relationships.

(We talk about liquid courage, but what about screen courage? They are protected by the workable illusion that it is just them and their screen, and that everything under the sun turns on and off with a click.) Anyway, this man very quickly launches into explicit fantasies via email. Or does the theoretical nature, the pure crack-cocaine fantasy of the thing disqualify it from the reciprocal physical entity we would think of as an authentic romantic connection? Even if you are texting or writing to someone you know well, the nature of medium lends itself to a certain amount of personal embellishment, to the one sided pleasure in expression for its own sake, to the reduction of the recipient to an idea.

The recently put forth its own shallow exploration of the demise of sustained relationships, and of course news of Manti Te’o’s bizarre hologram of a girlfriend has also stirred up some existential musing on the nature of virtual connections.

The question of whether the ease of Internet flirtation, and the ease of escalating Internet flirtation, has affected marriage is also of great interest.


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