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Every chemical element is made up of atoms unique to it.All atoms consist of a nucleus around which electrons (negatively-charged particles) orbit.When the term Alpha Male is applied to a man, it refers to a type of man who is strong, smart and a leader.Other males naturally respect his decisions and don't challenge him.An Alpha Male looks and behaves in ways that make it evident that he is the leader and not to be challenged.He moves and stands in ways that show he expects to get what he wants without being questioned.Triangulation may manifest itself as a manipulative device to engineer rivalry between two people, known as divide and conquer In the field of psychology, triangulations are necessary steps in the child's development when a two-party relationship is opened up by a third party into a new form of relationship. The concept was introduced in 1971, by the Swiss psychiatrist Dr. Abelin, especially as early triangulation, to describe the transitions in psychoanalytic object relations theory and parent-child relationship in the age of 18 months.In this presentation, the mother is the early caregiver with a nearly "symbiotic" relationship to the child, and the father lures the child away to the outside world, resulting in the father being the third party.

A narcissistic person wants to ensure the other actors communicate through them but remain otherwise which he based the whole human mental and psychic development on several steps of triangulation.Some earlier related work, published in a 1951 paper, had been done by the German psychoanalyst Hans Loewald in the area of pre-Oedipal behavior and dynamics. Selma Kramer wrote that Loewald postulated the role of the father as a positive supporting force for the pre-Oedipal child against the threat of reengulfment by the mother which leads to an early identification with the father, preceding that of the classical Oedipus complex.It means a male who gets around in the world by himself and gets what he wants through confidence, courage, intellect, and high determination.He moves slowly and deliberately with no wasted motions.Articles How the Mind Affects Happiness Self Help Doesn't Work Voice in my Head Self Awareness Create Happiness Overcoming Jealousy Overcoming Insecurity Pursuit of Happiness Core Beliefs Change False Beliefs Identify Core Beliefs Core Beliefs Inventory Body Image Beliefs Food and Beliefs of Feeling Deprived How to Change a Belief Relationships Happy Relationships Relationship Drama Emotional Safety Overcoming jealousy Symbols of Love Better Relationship Communication Skills Anger Management Anger Management Understanding Anger What causes Anger Belief Inventory of Anger Releasing Anger Self Mastery Program Self Mastery Audio Coaching mp3 The Process to Change Emotions Four Agreements Self Awareness Exercises The Observer Conference Calls Testimonials Help Page About Gary Individual Coaching and Mentoring Gary's Background Recommended Reading and Listening Nourish your Soul with Books and Movies Contact Gary More Articles What is Wrong with Me?


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    He sits on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia and is a former chair of the Judicial Division National Conference of State Trial Judges.